5G Testing Solution

Amarisoft 5G Network Simulation Solutions

Amarisoft provides a comprehensive suite of 4G/5G core network, base station, and UE simulation tools that support both SA/NSA architectures. From basic connectivity testing to high-performance detection reaching up to 5 Gbps, our tools are suitable for product development testing, end-to-end verification, and serve as essential developer tools for setting standards and innovating services.

With affordable pricing, Amarisoft stands as a leading brand favored by today's 4G/5G development and verification firms.

Artiza 4G & 5G network node testing

Artiza Networks is the leader in 3G, 4G, and 5G radio access network (RAN) and core network (CN) node testing.

Artiza’s DuoSIM-5G is the world’s most powerful 5G gNodeB load tester. By simulating a massive number of 4G and 5G devices, realistic C/U-Plane traffic models, mobility, and both 4G and 5G core networks, the DuoSIM-5G brings realistic conditions of even the most demanding networks into the test lab.

Accuver 5G – Network Optimization Solution

Accuver provides 5G-NR report in diversity of test solution, data collection and data analysis tools, outdoor and indoor measurement tools, field and lab automation systems. Accuver are also the only vendor that supports 2x5G scanner measurements simultaneously.