Network Testing Solutions

Metageek - Physical Layer (L7 - Wireless Network) Analysis

MetaGeek is a pioneer in reform and providing Wi-Fi spectrum analysis in the industry. Wi-Spy hardwares have gained a lot of adwards - establishing MetaGeek as an icon in the WiFi tools industry.

Candela - Wireless Network Testing Solutions

LANforge is a network simulation system that can add network nodes for testing between network systems and target products. With its Wifi series product, LANforge supports multiple barriers such as delay, bandwidth, noise, lost packets, rearranged packets, etc. It also functions as a layer 2 transaction system, seamlessly integrating into various systems.

CACE airpcap Wireless Network Analysis

Foucus to customer using Wireshark better experience. Also developed windows version Wireshark® 。AirPcap™ type products for Wireshark. Integrate muti technique and experince, use powerful network technique provide service and developed more products to slove more network analysis issues.

HoloWAN - Network damage simulators

Maisiyuan independently developed a series of Ethernet performance testers and WAN damage simulators, providing products which are imported instruments for a large number of Chinese R & D and production enterprises. At the same time, the localized technical team provides customers with quality services and attractive prices.

HackRF One
HackRF One - Wireless Signal interference source

HackRF One from Great Scott Gadgets is a software-defined wireless device capable of sending or receiving radio signals from 1MHz to 6GHz, used for testing and developing current and future radio technologies.

Excentis Network Testing and analysis

As a combination of fully equipped laboratories and standards in IP, VoIP, SIP, HFC networks, Wi-Fi®, interactive digital TV, network security, DOCSIS®, EuroDOCSIS ™ and (Euro) PacketCable ™, Excentis is the only competence center in Europe to which cable operators, telecom operators and service providers can turn for unbiased, technical support.

iTest - Wireless Communication testing

iTest Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese professional provider dedicated in WLAN wireless communication tester, has been focusing on high-end wireless tester and has accumulated extensive experience in test instruments and integrated test solutions.

Becker HTOL RF - System Testing

Headquartered in Germany, Becker Nachrichtentechnik GmbH (BNT) has expertise and experience in innovative high-quality products in the field of RF communication equipment.

Alethea - Wireless Network Testing Solution

WiCheck offers a cutting-edge Wi-Fi testing solution, supporting the latest Wi-Fi 6E & Wi-Fi 7 technologies. With comprehensive Wi-Fi emulation and application layer testing, it assists OEM/ODM device manufacturers in creating optimal network scenarios. Advanced Wi-Fi 7 features include (MLO) MLSR, MLMR, e-MLSR, 320 MHz, 4096 QAM, OFDMA, Roaming, and more, providing enhanced QoS verification for a seamless user experience.

Napatech - Network Accelerator Card

Napatech is the world's leading manufacturer of accelerated network management and security application products. Napatech’s solutions help customers shorten their in-house development or time-to-market. Reduce risk with integrated and pretested solutions using patented technology from the packet capture experts, provide high-speed capture and extraction cards for computer platforms in different environments, supporting Linux and MICROSOFT operation platform.

Metageek - Wireless Network Factory Testing Integration Solutions

Through the hardware Wi-spy proposed by metageek, it constitutes an RF test machine. Its wide range of applications can be used to quickly test signals for various wireless substitutes from 2.4G to 5G, and directly display PASS after passing through an automated program. The important thing is to significantly save the cost of production line verification equipment.

Xena - Network Testing Solutions

Xena provides cutting-edge test solutions tailored to meet the demands of Ethernet network testing across various industries. With user-friendly test software and automated testing options included in all Xena chassis and test modules, comprehensive testing of Ethernet devices at speeds up to 800Gbps is achievable. Xena's feature-rich Ethernet traffic generation and network emulation platform facilitates the swift market introduction of new Ethernet products for companies.

ePIDoX DOCSIS 4.0 Testing Solution

ePIDoX possesses top-notch expertise in Cable & DOCSIS product development, with the team actively participating in CableLabs and dedicating efforts to industry standard. Furthermore, ePIDoX boasts extensive experience in executing pre-validation testing suites to ensure product compliance with relevant standards. Leveraging deep expertise in CM/CMTS design and development, delivering comprehensive and advanced solutions.