Network Testing Solutions

Metageek-Physical Layer (L7 - Wireless Network) Analysis

MetaGeek is a pioneer in reform and providing Wi-Fi spectrum analysis in the industry. Wi-Spy hardwares have gained a lot of adwards - establishing MetaGeek as an icon in the WiFi tools industry.

Candela-Wireless Network Testing Solutions

LANforge is network simulation system。It can add Network node to testing between network system and target products. With Wifi series product:LANforge support muti barrier like delay,bandwidth,noise,losed packets,rearrange packets etc.. and support as layer 2 transaction system to integrate in systems.

CACE airpcap Wireless Network Analysis

Foucus to customer using Wireshark better experience. Also developed windows version Wireshark® 。AirPcap™ type products for Wireshark. Integrate muti technique and experince , Use powerful network technique provide service and developed more products to slove more network analysis issues.

HoloWAN-Network damage simulators

Maisiyuan independently developed a series of Ethernet performance testers and WAN damage simulators, providing products which are imported instruments for a large number of Chinese R & D and production enterprises. At the same time, the localized technical team provides customers with quality services and attractive prices.

HackRF One
HackRF One-Wireless Signal interference source

HackRF One from Great Scott Gadgets is a software-defined wireless device capable of sending or receiving radio signals from 1MHz to 6GHz, used for testing and developing current and future radio technologies.

Excentis Network Testing and analysis

As a combination of fully equipped laboratories and standards in IP, VoIP, SIP, HFC networks, Wi-Fi®, interactive digital TV, network security, DOCSIS®, EuroDOCSIS ™ and (Euro) PacketCable ™, Excentis is the only competence center in Europe to which cable operators, telecom operators and service providers can turn for unbiased, technical support.

iTest-Wireless Communication testing

iTest Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese professional provider dedicated in WLAN wireless communication tester, has been focusing on high-end wireless tester and has accumulated extensive experience in test instruments and integrated test solutions.

Becker HTOL RF-System Testing

Headquartered in Germany, Becker Nachrichtentechnik GmbH (BNT) has expertise and experience in innovative high-quality products in the field of RF communication equipment.

Alethea-Wireless Network Testing Solution

A newest and most advanced solution on SWAT Wicheck series, SWAT Wicheck 6 is available to test your WiFi6 with the most sophiticated and mordern testing features such as OFDMA technology, new 1024 QAM modulation technology, up to 8 spatial streams (MU-MIMO), BSS coloring, TWT (Target Wake Time) support and simulating real-application testing.

Napatech - Network Accelerator Card

Napatech is the world's leading manufacturer of accelerated network management and security application products. Napatech’s solutions help customers shorten their in-house development or time-to-market. Reduce risk with integrated and pretested solutions using patented technology from the packet capture experts, provide high-speed capture and extraction cards for computer platforms in different environments, supporting Linux and MICROSOFT operation platform.