Wi-Spy Air and Air Viewer Screenshot

Wi-Spy Air + Air Viewer

Mobile WiFi Scanning and Spectrum Analyzer

Wi-Spy Air hardware connects to your iOS or Android device and provides WiFi and spectrum data for the Air Viewer application. Wi-Spy Air + Air Viewer is a fast, portable and accurate method to verify and troubleshoot your wireless environment.


inSSIDer Plus

Wifi Scanner

inSSIDer Plus is the latest generation of the award-winning inSSIDer WiFi scanner and the most advanced WiFi scanner on Windows. Whether you are responsible for 3 or 3000 APs, inSSIDer Plus can provide you a fastest view of the WiFi environment.


Eye P.A. Screenshot

Eye P.A.

Visual Packet Analysis

Eye P.A. provides visual 802.11 packet analysis, so that it is quick to identify Layer 2 cofiguration issues, such as non-standard channels, channel saturation, legacy data rates and sub-optimal network security. This is the fastest way to grab the wireless packet in pcap files to find the problems, and then send the filtered packets list to Wireshark for step-by-step analysis.


Chanalyzer Screenshot with Wi-Spy Hardware

Chanalyzer + Wi-Spy

Professional Spectrum Analysis

Wi-Spy DBx is an industry standard tool for advanced RF spectrum analysis for 2.4 and 5GHz WiFi networks. Combined with the visual insights in Chanalyzer Essential, this duo is your best choice when diagnosing and solving RF-related problems in a WiFi environment.