TR-398 WiFi Testing with LANforge

The TR-398 WiFi Performance test plan by the Broadband forum provides a comprehensive set of tests to qualify the performance of WiFi access points (APs) to be deployed in residential and small office indoor environments.

Candela Technologies offers a fully automated TR-398 test system. All in one system containing required test hardware, provides an easy to use and affordable solution.

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WiFi Mesh Testing with LANforge

Testing a multi-node WiFi mesh network can be very complex. Fortunately, the Candela LANforge WiFi mesh test solution packages a number of integrated building blocks and offers a comprehensive, highly repeatable, controllable and automatable mesh testbed in a compact and highly affordable form factor.

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WiFi Traffic Generator

LANforge WiFIRE supports 802.11 virtual base simulation and virtual terminal simulation. For the system under test, it seems that there are multiple PCs inside the LANforge system, and independent traffic is generated through the wireless NIC to test the performance of the wireless router.

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Programmable Attenuators

The LANforge attenuator is located between two RF systems, usually with WiFi AP on one side and WiFi Station on the other side. The attenuator and the WiFi station are connected by SMA-Male screened cables. Through LANforge GUI or direct access through Serial, adjust the attenuation as needed.

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