• Software Features
  • Hardware Features
General purpose WAN and Network impairment emulator.
Able to simulate DS1, DS3, DSL, CableModem, Satellite links and other rate-limited networks, from 10bps up to 45Mbps (full duplex).
Can modify various network attributes including: network-speed, latency, jitter, packet-loss, packet-reordering, and packet-duplication.
Supports Packet corruptions, including bit-flips, bit-transposes and byte-overwrites.
Supports WanPath feature to allow configuration of specific behavior between different IP subnets, MAC addresses or other packet filters using a single pair of physical interfaces. WanPath support may require purchase of additional WanPath licenses, please ask your sales contact for more information.
Supports routed and bridged mode for more flexibility in how you configure your network and LANforge-ICE.
Supports WAN emulation across virtual 802.1Q VLAN interfaces more efficient use of limited physical network interfaces.
Supports 'WAN-Playback' allowing one to capture the characteristics of a live WAN and later have LANforge-ICE emulate those captured characteristics. The playback file is in XML format, and can be easily created by hand or with scripts. The free LANforge-ICEcap tool can be used to probe networks and automatically create the XML playback file.
Allows packet sniffing and network protocol decoding with the integrated Wireshark protocol sniffer.
Includes comprehensive management information detailing all aspects of the LANforge system including processor statistics, test cases, and Ethernet port statistics.
GUI runs as Java application on Linux, Solaris and Microsoft Operating Systems (among others).
GUI can run remotely, even over low-bandwidth links to accommodate the needs of the users.
Central management application can manage multiple units, tests, and testers simultaneously.
Includes easy built-in scripting to automatically iterate through bandwidth, latency and other settings. Advanced programatic scripting over a tcp socket also supported and example perl libraries and scripts are included.
Automatic discovery of LANforge resources simplifies maintenance and configuration of LANforge test equipment.
Midrange Appliance with no moving parts.
Operating System: Fedora Linux with customized Linux kernel.
6 1Gbps Ethernet ports.
Supports bypass (fail open) on two Ethernet ports.
1.66 GHz Dual Core Intel Atom D510 processor.
RJ45 Serial console (38400 8 N 1) for console management & initial configuration.
16 GB Solid State Hard Drive.
Larger storage drive and compact-flash available.
+12v 5AMP external power supply (brick).
Weight: 3.3 lbs or 1.5 kg.
Dimensions: 11 x 6 x 1.6 inches Metric: 268 x 145 x 40 mm.
Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 40°C.
Operating Humidity: 5 ~ 95%.
Certification: CE Emission, FCC Class A, RoHS Compliant.