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Professional Technical Service

More than 20 years of professtional technical experience,
we assurance that you will get the best assistance and service.

Information Security Solution

We provide various solutions to prevent possible network security threats in order to ensure that critical data, company network systems, confidential information and product security can be protected.

Network Testing And Management

A variety of hardware and software tools are ready in order to help manufacturers, chip vendors, telecommunication providers, enterprises, research centers, universities, laboratories, etc., effectively testing network devices, managing and analyzing network communication, solving network problems and accurately understanding user experience.


5G Testing Solutions

Offering leading-edge comprehensive testing solutions which help manufacturers, vendors and operators meet the new standards for performance, functionality, and reliability of the most advanced network. 5G-NR reports in diversity of test solution which enables our customers to maximize their 5G infrastructure investment return.

Digital Image Testing And Analysis

Bring to you various digital TV modulators such as ATSC (8VSB) Modulator, QAM Modulator, DVB-T/H Modulator, digital TV encoding system (MPEG 2/4 Encoder, TS ReMux), and provide a variety of interfaces for image testing and quality detection in real-time testing.

What We Do

We provide testinng equipment along with professional and efficient consulting service to enterprises and individuals.

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